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I nostri prodotti

I nostri prodotti

Tutti i prodotti impiegati in cucina ci vengono forniti da contadini del luogo o da fornitori locali. Il contatto diretto e lo scambio di informazioni ci garantiscono un livello di qualità delle materie prime impiegate. Inoltre salvaguardiamo l'ambiente riducendo le vie di trasporto.

E succede spesso che Egon vada a raccogliere le uova di quaglia personalmente....

Our kitchen partners

A very big "Thank you" to our very special suppliers who adjust almost on a weekly basis to our individual needs:

  • Afingsbruckhof - Robert Thurner
  • Steindlhof - Manfred Heiss
  • Aspinger Hof - Harald Gasser
  • Degust - Hansi Baumgartner
The Bad Schörgau orchard

Initially the orchard was meant to be an experiment for viniculture. Nobody could predict that the cultivation of different fruits on 1.000 m above sea level would succeed.

Perfect consultants, special care and much patience let ripe a variety of sorts every year in the meantime: the white wine "Solaris", the fruit for our breakfast jams and for the treacles - raspberrries (red and white), gooseberries (red and white), 2 sorts of currants and blackberries.