• Original Sarentino mountain pine
  • Original mountain hay
  • Acqua Vinea Nobilis
  • Original Sarentino stone pine

Bad Schörgau - trehs, natural care products.

Our care products

trehs®: more than just cosmetics
Behind trehs® there are real people, real places and real traditions.
trehs® develops its body care products based on traditions closely linked to locations and people. By doing so they are creating a unique bond. Traditions are revived, the places can be visited and the manufacture of the basic ingredients can be discussed with the people on the spot. Thus we are unique in the level of our authenticity; genuine, available, rooted in the region, based on tradition and stimulated by the people on the spot.
The Bad Schörgau is the birthplace of these powerful products: Here the idea came to live to create an exclusive care line out of the extraordinary Sarentino mountain pine. Together with partners from the valley trehs® was born.
Today the Bad Schörgau is the trehs® competence center: All treatments are fulfilled solely with trehs® products. New products are presented and new methods are used for the first time. For taking home we have a full-range trehs® shop.
Experience the power of the Sarentino Alps directly at the origin!
More information about the products as well as an online shop can be found here www.trehs.com
Biologique Recherche – 30 years of passion
A biologist, a physiotherapist und a doctor: Yvan, Josette and Phillipe Allouche combined their expertise and passion to enrich the world of cosmetic care with a unique vision.
Biologique Recherche realizes its clinical approach with extremely pure, genuine and highly concentrated products as well as innovative, effective treatment methods, whose overwhelming effect enjoys an excellent reputation.
The products and treatments correspond to a clearly defined catalog of criteria:
  • Use of plant and biological extracts from nature and the sea in combination with biotechnological active substances
  • High concentration of active substances, usually higher than 20%.
  • Release of synthetic fragrances for the benefit of high purity of the formulations and an excellent skin compatibility
  • Gentle extraction and processing of raw materials.
  • A maximum of synergies between products, unique treatment techniques and the use of Remodeling Face for immediate, extraordinary, almost magical care results.
Enjoy exclusive facial and body treatments of exceptional quality and effectiveness.