Bad Schörgau - our products & suppliers.

Everything fresh on the table

Each fresh product which is used in our kitchen, was grown by ourselves, by local farmers or comes from small suppliers. On one hand the personal contact and exchange is the most important thing to secure the highest quality. On the other hand we treat our ambience with care by short delivery ways.

So sometimes you can witness Egon in person collecting quail eggs directly out of the nests...

Our kitchen partners

A very big "Thank you" to our very special suppliers who adjust almost on a weekly basis to our individual needs:

  • Afingsbruckhof - Robert Thurner
  • Steindlhof - Manfred Heiss
  • Aspinger Hof - Harald Gasser
  • Degust - Hansi Baumgartner
The Bad Schörgau orchard

Initially the orchard was meant to be an experiment for viniculture. Nobody could predict that the cultivation of different fruits on 1.000 m above sea level would succeed.

Perfect consultants, special care and much patience let ripe a variety of sorts every year in the meantime: the white wine "Solaris", the fruit for our breakfast jams and for the treacles - raspberrries (red and white), gooseberries (red and white), 2 sorts of currants and blackberries.