• Bolzano
  • Cooking lessons with Egon
  • "Sarner Gschick"
  • Castle "Runkelstein"
  • MMM - Castle "Sigmundskron"

Bad Schörgau - activity holidays throughout the year.

The whole year

All around the year you can experience a lot. Would you like to feel out the secrets of our chef Egon or to have a deep dive into the Sarentino culture? What about the appealing contrast between the silent Sarentino Valley and a pulsating Italianità? A visit of the South Tyrolean cultural institutions is always an enrichment of your holiday, too.

Pssst.: Pay attention to our tips, you can discover special things...

Cooking lessons

Discover Egon's kitchen secrets for taking at home!

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Experience Egon Heiss' art of cooking during a course:

Learn how to prepare simple dishes for everday in a hands-on way, look over Egon's shoulder and be inspired by the simplicity. You only have to know how it works!

3-hours cooking course incl. the original recipes

Price per person 150 Euro. 

Sarentino culture

Take a deep dive into the genuine culture of the Sarentino Valley!

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  • Visit of the "Rohrerhaus" at Sarentino: Historic 13th century farm which was fully restored true to original. Discover closely how the farmers lived in ancient days. For more information please visit www.rohrerhaus.it

    Helene's tip: "On specials dates it is possible to attend seminars on traditional topics like baking bread e.g.. Let yourself be surprised by the possibilities to apply alpine living styles to your everyday life."

  • Visit of the craftsmens "Sarner Gschick": Ten years ago four Sarentino craftsmen incorporated to promote the very old handicraft tradition and tecniques beyond the borders of the valley. The union consists of a wood sculptor, a pinfeather stitchery, a wood turner, a hand weaver and a goldsmith. All of these have the love to their handicraft, the unique ability for making single pieces and the pride of presenting tradtional products in common. For more information please visit www.sarner-gschick.com

    Birgit's tip: "The turnery "Fritz" can be reached by foot in 5 min.. Arrived there Fritz loves to tell you everything he knows about wood. And his products are really beautiful holiday souvenirs."

City trips

Discover the pulsating life of Italian cities!

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  • Bolzano: Bolzano is a melting-pot of cultures and contrasts - Germans and Italians live here next door. Alpine and mediterranean ways of life, habits and customs are mixed up. This special symbiosos demonstrates in the cultural, art-history and gastronomical offer.

    Gregor's tip: "There is a direct bus line from the Bad Schörgau to Bolzano. To get the best shopping tips don't hesitate to ask me or my team, we surely have the perfect tip for you."

  • Verona: Who doesn't know the city of Romeo and Juliet? The roamtic historic city center belongs to the UNESCO world heritage since 2000 and echants you with its winding lanes and historic buildings. Here you can feel pure Italianità. And the best thing: You can reach Verona by car within only one hour!

    Rosi's tip: "We'd love to organise a day's journey to Verona by bus for you. The absolute highlight is the visit of an opera in the Verona arena. Don't hesitate to ask us."

Of course all other South Tyrolean cities like Merano, Bressanone etc. can easily be reached. Who wants to go a little bit more far can also make a day trip to Venice. This is also available as a bus trip that we can organise for you.


Whether musuems or castles - South Tyrol offers a great range.

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  • The paintings castle "Runkelstein": The "Runkelstein" castle is a medieval castle, which is famous for its profane-themed frescoes. The castle is situated near by Bolzano on a rock high above the river "Talfer", at the entrance to the Sarentino Valley. Runkelstein kept its medieval character in opposite of many other castles in South Tyrol. For more information please visit www.runkelstein.info

    Gregor's tip: "In summer great open-air concerts take place in the inner ward. Please ask us for the dates."

  • MMM Firmian at "Sigmundskron" castle: As the centrepiece of the Messner Mountain Museum, MMM Firmian in Sigmundskron Castle near Bozen addresses the subject of man’s encounter with the mountains. In a setting dominated by the various peaks between the Schlern and the Texel range, the museum is spacious enough to be organised as an itinerary between the various works of art, installations and relics that it houses. The paths, stairs and towers lead visitors form the depths of the mountain, where their origins and exploitation are brought to life, and the religious significance of the peaks as an aid to orientation and a bridge to the beyond, to the history of mountaineering and the alpine tourist industry that we know today. For more information please visit www.messner-mountain-museum.it.
  • Ötzi - South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology: Ötzi – The Iceman on display at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy) is one of the world’s best-known and most important mummies. What is so unique about this find is that a Neolithic man whose life came to an abrupt end has been preserved along with much of his clothing and possessions intact. For more information please visit www.iceman.it.
  • South Tyrol Museum of Nature: The Permanent Exhibition presents the formation and appearance of the landscapes of South Tyrol on the basis of selected examples. It is hoped that visitors will not only view the exhibitions, but also actively participate in the museum experience. In addition to classic dioramas, the Permanent Exhibition thus also makes use of models, scenes, games, experiments, and – a real highlight – the 9,000-liter sea aquarium and the new Nautilus-Aquarium. For more information please visit www.naturmuseum.it.
This is only a small selection of castles and museums. Of course the "Trautmansdorff" castle with its gardens in Merano is also worth mentioning. Please just ask us for more tips on site.