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Your retreat in the Alps, where health meets gourmet cuisine.

We blend the Alpine spa tradition with effective, contemporary treatments. Our own spring water and pure, fermented cuisine provide the key ingredients for renewed vitality.

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The source of energy

Everything comes from within. Feel good in your own skin once again, filled with health and overflowing with vitality. Lower your stress levels and boost your own inner resources. Without sacrificing on the things you love, and with mindfulness and empathy. The Bad Schörgau brings you everything that lifts the baggage from your body and spirits.


Retreat packages

Get out of your comfort zone and dive into new experiences! Where are you in life at the moment? What do you need to feel good right now?

Treat yourself to an intense wellness session with hydrotherapy treatments, relax in the farmers’ spa with its sauna and pool, hike the Sarntal mountain or embark on a journey to new culinary worlds. Simply choose the holiday package that suits you best.


Health retreat

1-7 days

Intense relaxation for body and spirit with innovative treatments and spa applications personally tailored to your requirements and wishes.


Food retreat

1-7 days

Discover the world of fermentation, explore new tastes and savour our range of Alpine-Mediterranean culinary delights.


Badl retreat

3-7 days

Relax in our ‘Badl’ Alpine farmers’ spa with sauna and pool and hike the Sarntal mountains.



New energy awakening, through the power of water and mindful nutrition.

Our treatments use the very latest of hydrotherapy equipment to purge the body of waste and pollutants, enabling your body and spirit to breathe easy and embrace a renewed sense of vitality that will stay with you for a long time to come.



Experience a culinary revelation: The incredible taste of fermented ingredients.

Discover a new world of natural food and drink: The fusion of regional culinary culture, innovative techniques and fermentation, and the variety-packed tastes of Alpine-Mediterranean cuisine.



Our Bauernbadl farmers’ spa has been a source of health and vitality since time immemorial. Our spring water cleanses, refreshes and invigorates.

People have been coming to the Bad Schörgau for water-based health treatments since the 17th century. And although we harness the energy of water in new ways today, the spirit of the spa culture of bygone days still resonates.



A restful sleep gives your energy for the new day. And this is why we have created such special, restful places for you – and brought nature itself indoors.

At the Bad Schörgau, we have just 22 rooms and suites. Because we want to give you a true home-from-home, with an abundance of privacy and every comfort you could wish for.

A leisurely breakfast with friends. Relax at the Day Spa, and try out our innovative treatments during the Health Experience Day.

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Today is your day. Relax in our farmers’ spa, feel the effects of our select hydrotherapy treatments, treat yourself to a massage, or enjoy a relaxing chat over breakfast. Book your break at the Bad Schörgau.

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