It's time to rethink star-awarded cuisine

Restaurant Alpes

Top cuisine free of constraints, demands and expectations. Instead, an immersion including all the senses, sitting together at the same table and being accompanied by the best natural wines. This is the Restaurant Alpes' philosophy. Here every guest enjoys at the highest level and feels the stars shine in every dish.

Our young but highly decorated kitchen team led by Mattia Baroni combines passion for enjoyment with fresh ideas - always authentic, always noticeably different. Here, the original tastes of South Tyrol and Italy reign. 

At lunchtime and in the evening we serve different dishes, small or large - of course always freshly prepared. In addition you will have the choice between a good bottle or glass of wine. To guarantee great variety our dishes change constantly, while Gregor's cheese recommendations form the culinary constancy.

Wednesday - Sunday, 12.00 - 14.00 and 19.00 - 21.00

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La Fuga

The concept of La Fuga describes the basic philosophy of Gregor and Mattia: How they see the world of gastronomy in the future. A research laboratory, so to speak, for food, drink, spa and the hotel industry. Translated La Fuga means "to run away" - and that is to be taken literally. The two protagonists leave all the specifications behind them and freely implement their ideas, shaping their world of gastronomy.

La Fuga in the Alpes marks the start. A restaurant that doesn't want to be a restaurant after all. Rather a play in several acts, moderated by the main actors Mattia and Gregor, co-designed by the guests of the evening. Or a journey through the wonderful world of natural food and drink. 

The facts:
Fixed menu without choices in several acts
Common with each other at one table up to a maximum of 6 persons per evening

Wednesday - Saturday
Entrance 19.00, start 19.15
Price per person incl. drinks 190 Euro

To book please call 0039 0471 623048 - or click here


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The parlour 1988

Tradition and history

The cozy parlour in our main house exists since 1988. A place of tradition and history - but brought to modernity just as the rest of Bad Schörgau.

If there is a better place to enjoy a half-board dinner menu we surely haven't found it yet... And our guests agree!

Fine wines

Our wine cellar

As wine lovers we care about the South Tyrolean and Italian wine culture. Our wine cellar is the reign of Gregor Wenter.

Constantly over 400 different fine wines are stored in our wine cellar. Among these there are several rarities and of course different sparkling wines.

Well-known treasures are perfectly complemented with a selection of small well-kept secrets. All our wines are unique and selected with special attention. They come from small emerging wineries from South Tyrol, Italy and other growing regions of the world.

Most of the wines come from natural cultivation. Thus, the idea of ​​health always resonates with the enjoyment of wine.

Gregor Wenter is happy to tell you the story behind the wines. Or take a trip to our wine cellar. Just ask us!